Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information? Frequently asked questions are listed in our FAQ section.


My thin client has no access to network.

  1. Check the network cable is plugged properly.
  2. Check that the RJ45 port twinkles at the back of the terminal.
  3. Restart the terminal.

My screen resolution is not set correctly.

  • Check the documentation or configuration of your screen to select the resolution information with ZeeConf.

The color of my screen is not set correctly.

  • Set color depth with ZeeConf.

The terminal does not automatically launch browser.

  • Configure the opening of the browser with ZeeConf.

I am unable to get remote access to a user’s terminal.

  • Check that the “vncsrv” package is ran with ZeeConf.

I have no access to desktop when I restart the terminal.

  • Reset the terminal.
  • If resetting is not possible, contact our support team by phone or open a ticket.

My USB key is not displaying on my Citrix session.

  • Check that “usb” and “usbdisk” packages are ran with ZeeConf.

I don’t know the IP address of the ZeeTerm.

  • Click on the information button on the bottom left of the desktop next to the Start Menu.

My terminal switches off at odd times.

  • Is the warning sign on the side of the terminal on ? If it is, check plugging of the screen.
  • Is the warning sign of your power cable on and blue ? If it is and if your terminal is not starting anymore, please contact our support.
  • If the warning sign of your power cable is not on, change your main supply plug and your power cable in order to diagnose the break.


I cannot print with ZeePrint Thin.

  • Check the availability of licenses on the licensing server ZeeLicensing.
  • Check the attribution of a license for the server.
  • Check that ZeePrint service is running on the server.
  • Check that ZeePrint Tray has been launched on the client workstation.
  • Check the compatibility of the version of your PDF reader.

I cannot install ZeePrint Thin on my XenApp/RDS server.

  • If the UAC (User Account Control) is activated on the server, it is necessary to launch a command prompt as an administrator and to run MSI from this window.

On which versions of Windows has ZeePrint client been validated ?

  • ZeePrint client has been validated on the following versions of Windows :
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 2003 (no R2 and R2)
    • Windows 2008 (no R2 and R2)
    • Windows 2012 (no R2 and R2)
  • It is functional on every edition (Home, Pro and Enterprise), 32 or 64 bits and whatever the level of service pack is.

The PDF reader on the client workstation is not launching after printing on ZeePrint printer from the distant server.

  • Check that a PDF reader has been installed on the client workstation.
  • Beware : only the « Reader » version of Adobe works with ZeePrint; check that it has been installed if you own another version of Acrobat.
  • Check that the PDF reader selected in ZeePrint Tray corresponds to the one that is installed on the client workstation.
  • Check the messages on the log file of the client workstation :
    • Under Windows in the directory : %TEMP%\ZeePrintClient
    • Under Linux/Mac OS : $HOME/ZeePrintClient/logs

ZeePrintTray programme on the client workstation is not launching when establishing the ICA connection.

  • Check that the file « ZeePrintTray.exe » exists in the installation file of the ICA client :
    • %ProgramFiles%\Citrix\Client ICA
    • %ProgramFiles%\Citrix\icaweb32
    • %ProgramFiles%\Citrix\icacab

ZeePrintTray programme on the client workstation is not launching when establishing the RDP connection.

  • Check that the « ZeePrintTray.exe » exists in the installation file %ProgramFiles%\ZeeTim\ZeePrint Client for RDP

What version of ZeePrint client should I install if I already own a Citrix client ?

  • If the Citrix Client (Receiver, Online Plug-in full or web) is already installed, only the package “ZeePrintClientICA.msi” is required. It can be downloaded here.

What version of ZeePrint client should I install if I do not have a Citrix Client ?

  • 3 different packages, allowing to simultaneously install Citrix Client and ZeePrint are available, only the version of Citrix Client is different :
    • CitrixReceiver_ZeePrintClient.exe : Citrix Receiver + ZeePrint Client
    • CitrixReceiverWeb_ZeePrintClient.exe : Citrix Receiver Web + ZeePrint Client
    • CitrixOnlinePluginFull_ZeePrintClient.exe : Citrix Online Plug-in Full + ZeePrint Client
    • CitrixOnlinePluginWeb_ZeePrintClient.exe : Citrix Online Plug-in Web + ZeePrint Client
  • These packages can be downloaded here.

What version of ZeePrint client should I install if I only connect to the servers with RDP ?

  • The package “ZeePrintClientRDP.msi” allows installing ZeePrint client for RDP; it does not work for HDX/ICA connections to Citrix servers.
  • There are two versions of the package for 32/64 bit OS that can be downloaded here.

I installed ZeePrint client for ICA and I cannot print from a TS/RDS session.

  • ZeePrint client for ICA does not work for printing from a TS/RDS server.
  • You need ZeePrint Client for RDP, it is available here.

What are the PDF readers supported on the client workstation ?

  • Following PDF readers have been validated :
    • Adobe Reader (version 6.x and above)
    • Foxit Reader (version 3.x and above)
    • GhostScript (version 6.x and above)
  • For other readers, only the opening of the PDF file will be available. Printing will thus have to be requested from the user’s PDF reader.

ISprint is installed on my distant server. I installed ZeePrint Client but I cannot print.

  • To ensure ZeePrint client compatibility with ISprint, it is necessary to tick the box ISprint compatibility when installing ZeePrint client.

I installed ZeePrint Thin on a Citrix XenApp server but it does not print anything. I have an error message in the logs about licenses.

  • ZeePrint products require licenses to work properly. When installing, you can specify the name of the existing license server or install one.
  • When installed, you need to generate a license request on the administration platform of the license server, and then send it to us.

Which version of the Citrix plug-in is ZeePrint Client compatible with ?

  • ZeePrint Client is compatible with all of the Citrix pug-in from version 9 on.


I cannot connect on a terminal with ZeeConf.

  • Check that the ping and the telnet on port 443 of the terminal are working. If it fails, check your firewall rules.
  • Download the last version of ZeeConf here.

I have 10 thin clients but I can only manage 4 from ZeeConf.

  • A license is required to manage more than 4 terminals. For this, you need to install a license server (available here) then generate a request for a license from the administration platform of the license server, and then send it to us.


I use the product “isBckRestDefPrinter” to restore the default printer, but I cannot make it work.

    • The tool “isBckRestDefPrinter” allows registering in a file the default printer as defined by the user. When the user connects, the file is read and the default printer is restored.
  • To make it work, it is necessary to execute the programme “isBckRestDefPrinter” when session opens (either a login script, “Run” key of the register base or “Start Menu > Start”).
  • The executable accepts the following parameters :
    • -f : location of the file text storing the default printer (this file must be specific to every user).
    • -l : IP address or FQDN name of the license server on which 'isBckRestDefPrinter' is installed.
  • For instance, the following CMD script allows launching the tool and keeping the default printer in a text file located in the user’s profile :
    @echo off 
    start isBckRestDefPrinter.exe -f "%USERPROFILE%\default_printer.txt" -l mylicenceserver.mydomain

The default printer is not stored when I use the product “isBckRestDefPrinter“, where can I have more information ?

  • Logs are available in the %TEMP% directory of each user. A file named isBckRestDefPrinter.log keeps track of this information.


Has my license expired?

  • Contact our sales service by mail, by inserting a license request file.
  • The request file is generated thanks to the management platform of the license server, ZeeLicensing.