Jérôme Boulon leaves Miel to create NeoVAD

After 23 years in sales management honey, it rose from 1 to 46 million euros in turnover, Jerome Bolt comes to sell its shares to start NeoVAD, a new value-added wholesaler. The company, registered in early July and whose ambition is to “reconcile the user with the DSI” starts its activity with four brands to its catalog: Norskale, Itexis, Zeetim and 8Man.

The first is a French publisher specializing in optimizing user performance and reducing infrastructure costs. Eg by reallocating memory not used by Windows or abitrant priority tasks between systems and users Norskale manages to increase the number of users managed on an existing infrastructure or decrease the number of servers required for a given number of users . The company, which already generates € 2 million annual turnover and account references such as Leroy Merlin or KPMG, wants to expand internationally and to structure this distribution on a two-tier model explains Jérôme Bolt.

French also Itexis provides custom tools user response times of the application chain and infrastructure sizing. Existing since 2001, the company has about fifty references, particularly in the banking world. By signing with NeoVAD, she made her debut in the distribution on two levels, according to Jerome Bolt.

Zeetim is a manufacturer of thin clients are characterized by their safety, simplicity and performance, says Jérôme Bolt. Coming from the French integrator Insia, Zeetim also publishes a print optimization solution.

Finally, German publisher 8Man is oriented SME governance solutions, compliance and traceability data access. With € 8 million annual turnover, the company was distributed for two years by Athena Global Services but is still underdeveloped in the French market.

Jerome Bolt already boasts of ongoing projects with resellers such as Diademys, Ozitem, Anetys, CASN, APX, D2SI Econocom or Novidys. Initial success that will allow NeoVAD to welcome its first two employees (technical manager and commercial) in the coming weeks. The catalog is also known to expand specifically targeting online service providers and publishers.

By Johann Armand, Channel News